Eileen has challenged me to look beyond what I may not have accomplished alone. Through our partnership I have been able to more successfully see, hear and speak the truth and further evolve into a richer existence. - Angela A.

Eileen has enabled me to move from moments of confusion and uncertainty to points of clarity and determined purpose. Her style is warm, non-threatening and easygoing. She asks questions that draw answers and conclusions that may look obvious in hindsight yet would have taken significantly longer to congeal and articulate without her guidance. - Kay H.

Eileen's coaching has been extremely beneficial in terms of building my self esteem, confidence and professional aspirations. Her coaching helped to put my fears and anxieties into perspective and gave me the courage to go forward when I was stopped. - Nancy A.

Eileen Chambers, a highly Spirited person and Life Coach...has a remarkable knack for noticing...and intuitive listening. In my experience with her she has unlocked and unleashed constructive action...and deepened awareness of both my goodness and shortcomings. - Richard B.

Eileen brought out the strong, vibrant, powerful woman inside of me. There was a little girl, hiding, afraid to grow up, and all she needed was to know there was someone she could trust....Eileen was that someone......it really was that simple! - Jaime B.

Eileen is a seeker of truth and a caring soul. This makes her exceptionally adept at helping others who seek to discover more about themselves while finding comfort in the security that she creates simply by not judging experiences where we may have judged ourselves. - David H.